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Attorney support in Aviation

Attorney support in Aviation
Attorney support in Aviation tufan tazegül

Every day the need for aviation law, that is, the need for aviation lawyers is growing. It is used to increase the disagreements in civil and official aviation issues and to solve the problems encountered in this sector and to solve the problems. Aviation lawyers turkey or aviation solicitor turkey will be the first result of your search and will be a very reliable company. The company provides high quality service to its customers on many issues such as the solution of disputes related to civil aviation and official aviation, the solution of the cases arising as a result of the problems encountered, the arrangement of the transactions related to the lease or sales. You can choose the firm to complete the procedures related to the lawyer can take care of.

Official Aviation and Civil Aviation Services and Support

The company can assist you in many issues, especially for the problems and disagreements of customers regarding civil aviation and official aviation. They may be involved in the lawsuits, renting, or the cases that may arise as a result of accidents that may occur, or they may be able to assist you with any questions you may have. You can reach the company which can help you not only in the field of aviation but also in many other areas, and you can contact the telephone number on the site.

Company Overview

Since its inception, the company aims to provide the best service to its customers, especially in the field of civil aviation and official aviation services provided. In the problems related to not only aviation aviation problems, but also provides services to customers in many issues related to maritime-related problems.

Topics in Civil and Official Aviation;

Some of the services that the company can give you in case of problems and disputes related to official aviation or civil aviation are as follows;

- You can advise you on a case that is currently underway, answer your questions and defend you directly if you want to,

- Support you in flight operations and flight-related place allocations and answer your questions,

- You can defend yourself in cases arising from accidents related to your flight, whether official or civil, and provide advice to you on this matter.

- Access to the records of the registrations in the aircraft register and the data of the mortgages in the past and provide support for the purchase of the aircraft,

- The aircraft may represent both parties in the case of purchase or rental and may enable the transaction to take place.

- may represent and assist the parties in agreements concerning civil aviation or formal aviation,

- Can assist you with consultations on dry and wet-prepared contracts, and provide support in cases.

Other Services

The company is able to support its customers not only in civil and official aviation issues but also in banking and finance. You can contact the company for financial and banking support. Some financial and banking related services of the company are as follows;

- Manage and direct requests related to banks and financial resources,

- Supervise the transactions created within the scope of insurance / reinsurance policies, provide support to you and answer your questions,

- In cases of compensation related to insurance, you can defend and give you detailed information about the subject,

- evaluate complaints on behalf of a responsible firm or on behalf of insurers, and deal with these complaints,

- advise you on political issues;

- Support you in the problems and disagreements of political issues, and can even defend you in court directly,

- Can coordinate, design and control the bulletins,

- Can coordinate compensation payments, follow the process and result in the results.

Other Services Related to Finance and Banking

The company, which can coordinate many banking transactions and answer your questions on this subject, provides you with the following services;

- make proposals for loan applications on home, vehicle, telephone, need and many other issues, can assist you in the preparation of contracts,

- Prepare and make financial lease agreements,

- can help you to prepare the documents related to the mortgage, the documents related to the company, and the secure documents and give you suggestions in this direction,

- Record security interests related to mortgages, IDERAs and other issues, and apply these records in ships, aircraft and real estate and to keep the income and expenses under control,

- You can make a suggestion on loans or credits that are disputed or defend you in a case,

- If the mortgage related to the mortgage can not be collected, you can suggest and try different ways to receive the payment;

- If you become a creditor from a person or entity, he / she can give you a suggestion, create a lawsuit and try the legal means to get the amount to be received.

Suggestions and Support Other Issues

- the Republic of Turkey within the boundaries of the money and the goods can not be moved, can be associated with legacy support, make a recommendation,

- Can control the coordination, ownership and administration of the inherited heritage according to your permission,

- Disputes related to inheritance can also defend you and help you search your right.

Company Founder and Advocate: Ali Kartal

Ali Kartal is a lawyer who has a very experienced person who looks at financial, banking, insurance and maritime related matters. He has represented and recommended any aviation accident, flight-related insurances, airlines and other commercial organizations, commercial disputes, and many legal issues. In her official and civilian hearings and issues (mortgages, leasing, buying, selling), she became the voice of her clients, helping them win cases by providing them with important information and advice, not just in the proceedings.

Ali Kartal, who has an interest in aviation and his mother's face, has a license for commercial pilot with high engine and instrument rating. He is also a member of the Royal Aviation Association. Ali Kartal, who can provide support and advice on civil and official aviation disputes, accidents and many other issues, is a court-approved pilot-lawyer expert.

Ali Kartal Biography

Ali Kartal received his law degree from the Faculty of Law at Ankara University and completed his apprenticeship at the law firm of AYBAY and AYBAY. Also in 1987, he obtained the license for law application in Istanbul. After working in the law firm of AYBAY and AYBAY, he increased his experience and expanded his legal knowledge by getting a job at PEKİN & PEKİN law firm. He also got knowledge about banking and finance in the law office of PEKİN & PEKİN. In 1989 he joined International Business Machines Corporation, IBM as an in-house consultant. Meanwhile, his dream of flying has led him to take flight training. In 1994, he received his first commercial pilot license in the United States. After PEKİN & PEKİN, he started to work in AYBAY and AYBAY law firm. This company was well known in terms of transport and insurance, and Alit Kartal has gained experience in these issues. AYBAY and AYBAY, which went bankrupt and closed in the near future, were also working in the aviation sector. As a result of the sinking of the company, Ali Kartal has established his own law firm and now provides his services through his own company.

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